About us

Hello and welcome to N E L L Y   B I N Y A M I N, an online jewelry store of handcrafted silver, unique, unisex and fashionable jewelry design.

Our brand

W­hen it comes to artistic quality, our boutique has a great range of handmade silver jewelry, complete with unique textures and organic shapes. As far as jewelry making is concerned, we are adept at this art. We have a fantastic record of making statement jewelry. Skills wise, technical and design. Our edgy style of jewelry is practically a rage among fashion lovers.

We have a very strong vision to bring power, strength, and uniqueness through our range of jewelry. All our jewelry is handcrafted and finished at the studio. We put our focus on high quality and pay close attention to the small details.


Our designer

Having graduated from the Jewelry Design Department at ‘Shenkar’ College of Engineering, Design, and Art in 2015, Nelly Binyamin is an accomplished jewelry designer in her own right. She had her internship at Meller Design UK.

Starting out very young in this field, Nelly had a great interest in sculpture and drawing. Her main sources of inspiration are textures, nature, and animals. Her exposure to ‘metal technique’ at Shenkar helped her to observe textures, understand the dynamics of wire jewelry. 


 The Technique

We use a special technique for designing the jewelry. A lot of research and development has gone into this technique making it unique in its own way. It is a perfect blend of the organic and metal textures with ample inspiration from the world of nature. Handcrafted jewelry is our specialty. This new style of jewelry can make a defining statement. Every design has the stamp of approval from our principal designer.

Did we forget to mention that we are an online store? You can visit us online anytime.