A jewelry is born – my feather ring

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For my first post on the blog, I decided to write about the first ring that for me is a very sentimental ring. It was at the third year of my studies at 'Shenkar' College of Engineering, Design, and Art, as a part of the "Fashion Jewelry" course - all I wanted to do was to create a dynamic texture, something tactile, maybe a textile in the metal. And then ... I was struck by the magic of the feathers.


The magical inspiration: birds and feathers, a colorful world.


As a starting jewelry designer at that time - I found myself developing a new technique by myself, something new I used to create the ring, it took me weeks, almost a whole semester to summarize, to understand the essence of the technique and developing the process of the material.

Pictures of the experiments and the process:


And then... it was born - my feather ring. One of the first rings I designed and created. It combines a lot of presence, roughness, I can also say that it completely unisex - a lot of men buy it and of course a lot of women.

For me, this is the ring that is the most recognizable from the beginning of my way as a designer, it gave me a lot... and it also challenges me every time - to create again the magic of the Feather ring in other pieces of jewelry.

When I created it, I realized that what interested me the most was to explore and create textures, like fabric in the metal, to create a dynamic piece of jewelry, to manipulate the material and having a process, also that it would get through my filter as a designer.

The ring is handcrafted by silversmith process, all handmade, without 3D printing or using a computer software, it is only me and the material, building it one by one, step by step. It is a process that I really enjoyed and learned from it so much.

The inspiration and the final ring:


Of course, with the ring, I designed and manufactured a bracelet, the magic of the feathers so burned in me that I had to continue and create more jewelry, in different shapes.. different sizes, all at the same technique I taught myself and became an expert on.

Here you can see the process of creating the bracelet and the closer: 

I created a bracelet that opens and closes with a hinge, and of course with a lock, one more ring, maybe a little more masculine. A long necklace feels like a wing.

The second ring I also designed:


Work in progress of creating the feathers of the bracelet:

You can call these jewels 'Feather collection'- they are all one of a kind, having a very special place and close to my heart in my studio, with a sweet memory.


Since then, my feather ring has gone through so much. Since I opened my business - it is the most popular ring, my best seller, by women and men, in Israel and abroad.

A lot of friends tell me they see people in the street with my feather ring. And then I realize there is something that works, that the ring is something that people actually remember, which is very unique and for me, it is a sign of satisfaction.